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All profits from Australian Geographics businesses go to the Australian Geographic Society, including its conservation and sustainability programs.

The Australian Geographic Society is a not-for-profit which supports Australian individuals and organisations who lead the way in nature conservation, scientific research, public education aimed at positive environmental outcomes, and the advancement of human knowledge through exploration.

It’s our vision to foster a community of well-informed passionate Australians who are committed to finding solutions to the multiple threats facing our natural world.

It’s the Society’s mission to offer financial and practical support along with expert storytelling in the pages of the Society’s flagship bi-monthly publication, The Australian Geographic magazine and our many other channels of communication.

thumbnail_AGS_LOGO_SEAL_SC_WHITE_RGB.pngThe Australian Geographic Society’s members are the many thousands of loyal subscribers to the award-winning Australian Geographic magazine.

The Australian Geographic Society is an Australian registered charity.

Charitable donations to the Australian Geographic Society are tax-deductible.


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What We Do

The Australian Geographic Society (hereafter the Society) is primarily a grant-making body. It also has the legal ability to raise funds directly from the general public. The funds at the disposal of the Society for its grant-making program are donated by the Australian Geographic business which gives 100% of its profits.

These funds are disbursed via a sponsorship application process that occurs twice yearly. There is also an annual women’s adventure grant named in honour of famous Australian aviatrix Nancy Bird Walton who was a trustee of the Society for many years. The applications for funding come from researchers, conservationists, community groups and adventurer/explorers.

In addition to the grants program, the Society runs bi-monthly public fundraisers that raise money for specific threatened native species. These attract public donations directly to Australian Geographic and via the efforts of our valued retail partner, QBD Books.

Each year the Society honours the brightest and best in the field of conservation and adventure through the Australian Geographic Society Awards. The winners receive an Australian Geographic Society medal.

The Society also gives discretionary grants to ad hoc conservation efforts and environmental campaigns and causes.

Two ways to lend your support to Australian Geographic

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You can make a tax-deductible donation directly to the Society. Your direct financial contributions are used to support individuals and organisations who apply for funding through the Society’s grant-giving programs.

Become a subscriber

Sign up with us today and become a subscriber to Australian Geographic. By doing so you’ll be supporting independent Australian-owned media dedicated to advancing the Society’s vision of fostering a community of well-informed passionate Australians committed to finding solutions to the multiple threats facing our beautiful country. Click here to find out how.

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